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Manufacturer of commercial walk-in coolers and freezers, blast freezers, refrigerated warehouses

Akvatek Commercial Walk-in Coolers, Freezers, Blast Freezers, Refrigerated Warehouses and Insulated Panels Manufacturing.


Commercial Applications Remote and Self-contained Units.
Manufacturer of modular, custom built walk-in coolers, freezers, temperature controlled rooms, and refrigerator monitoring systems.

All Units Designed by licensed engineers.

 Standard & Custom Sizes.
*Many Standard Sizes in-stock for quick shipment.
*Nationwide delivery.
*Refrigeration equipment freight "included" with each quote.
*Deatailed Quote and Specifications for each Job.
*Custom Blueprint with each order.

Manufactured to exacting specifications.
Subjected to a series of quality-control procedures.
Manufactured by a selected team of factory-trained professionals.
Guaranteed for 10 years
(panels, walls and doors).



  • Akvatek Commercial Refrigeration provides the entire walk-in refrigeration package including the refrigeration system, glass doors, strip curtains, ramps, and shelving. Top of the line accessories are used to compliment our walk-ins.
  • Refrigeration systems are available in several different configurations. Systems can be top mount self-contained or side mount self-contained, remote indoor, remote outdoor and pre-assembled outdoors. These systems are engineered according to the customers specific requirement.
  • Custom-built doors are available for both cooler and freezer applications with a variety of metal finishes. These doors are shipped with the hardware installed and ready for installation.


  • Matching the Insulation to the Application
  • U.L. Listed Doors and Panels
  • CFC-Free Foam Insulation
  • One-Piece Corners
  • Foam-In-Place Reinforced Doors
  • Doors Include 36 in. High Kick-Plates In and Out
  • Steel Reinforced Hinges o Pre-Assembled and Inspected
  • At Akvatek Commercial Refrigeration Walk-ins Coolers/Freezers Manufacturing we design the walk-in to fit your available space, economically. If you need to notch around a column or you have a space with angles other than 90 degrees, we are the walk-in manufacturer for you.

    The Standard Panel :
  • Permanently Laminated Mill Embossed Aluminum Interior and Exterior
  • 4 in. and 6 in. CFC-Free Polystyrene and Urethane Insulation
  • Modular Design with Tongue and Groove Construction
  • Foamed-In-Place NSF Double Bulb Vinyl Gasket Design
  • All Walk-ins are Pre-Assembled and Inspected Prior to All Shipments
  • Minimum 3 CAM Locks Per Wall
  • One Piece Corners
  • Flame Spread of 25 for Freezers, 15 for Coolers - U.L. Flame Spread Rating
  • Precut Mitered and Numbered NSF Floor Screeds for Floorless Walk-ins
  • Buck Opening Trimmed with High Impact ABS Plastic
  • U.L. Listed and Labeled

Commercial Applications Remote and Self-contained Units. Easy installations of modular, custom built walk-in coolers, freezers, temperature controlled rooms, and refrigerator monitoring systems.

Door Heaters are engineered for long-term energy efficient use. The Standard "A Door Features:

  • 34 in. Self-Closing, In fitting, Flush Mounted Door with Snap In, Easily Replaceable Magnetic Gaskets and Dual Door Sweep
  • Foamed-In-Place CFC Free Urethane
  • Heavy Duty Hinges Machine Bolted to Steel Plates
  • Frame and Door Reinforced with High Impact ABS Plastic
  • 36 in. High Aluminum Diamond Tread Kick Plates Interior and Exterior
  • Center mounted factory installed vapor proof light fixture which remains on at all times to ensure safe exit.
  • Freezer Doors Include Heater Harness with Factory Sealed Leads and Temperature Sensing Device
  • Factory Installed Light Switch, Pilot Light, Hydraulic Door Closer and Thermometer o Inside Safety Release

Equipment Lease/Financing for your Business Available.